Beach Mum: A wedding Down Under

Beach Mum: A wedding Down Under

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The early British summer has more than exceeded expectations this year with June proving to be THE month for ditching layers and jumping in the sea - then finding layers in order to warm up again (don't be fooled - it's still England). The new (old) boat has been out regularly in Salcombe with only one engine failure to date...
We had a fabulous treat in May this year heading down under for Chris' wedding (the eldest of the 5) - not only did it bring the excitement of adding a new young lady to the very male dominated family, it was also the chance to discover another truly beautiful beach. For those of you forever hunting for idyllic places,  the white sand beaches of Palm and Whale beach (only an hour from Sydney) are not to be missed. 
Rock pools cut into steep cliffs, adjoin wide sandy beaches, enabling the less active or slightly timid swimmer to enjoy the sea. The surf is consistently good, resulting in very near wedding delay from Andrew and one of the other groomsman! As for me, I still charge into the sea at every opportunity, as soon as I duck under that first wave, the giggles rise up inside me and I love every minute. Needless to say as a true beach mum instead of booking a session at the hairdressers and getting my nails done, my pre-wedding ritual was spent body surfing with my children (who are actually now grown men). Such special times are never to be forgotten and always to be shared….
On a practical note I’m happy to say my Jam attire worked perfectly down under, which made packing super easy. It’s harder to pull off the beach babe look at my age, but the saviour of a classic Constantine shirt and subtly tailored beach shorts made this a whole lot easier. I always layer with one of our pale blue college jumpers for the cloudy days. The gorgeous cooler evenings were spent curled up under a blanket on the balcony overlooking the ocean, always in my new favourite; 'Inner fish' sweatshirt and leggings, with thick cosy socks (also by Jam). 
This was our first trip with AirB&B and i was a little anxious however i would strongly recommend the house we stayed in. Morgan, the hostess, was fabulous - nothing was too much trouble including delivering logs for evening fires when it got too chilly…. not to mention they own the local surf school. If you have the chance to explore down under make sure you head out of Sydney and follow your nose past Manly to the Northern beaches.
Around every corner is another beach with a new adventure, and these should always be made with family and friends. 

To check out our house: 
Hope you fall in love with the place as much as we did, 
Lynne (Mum) 


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