Breaks from the sea 1; Florence

Breaks from the sea 1; Florence

It takes a special place to pull me inland, but I have now found one. And in finding one we have been inspired to find more, so keep an eye out for our 'breaks from the sea' posts coming soon. With a growing business, the luxury of a two week holiday seems somewhat distant, however we've decided to make the most of our central position on this place called earth and explore it while the borders remain 'fluid'!  With a keen interest in food, wine and clothes where better to start than the Tuscan city of Florence for our first escape.

Florence has to be one of the most magical cities in Europe; the art capital of the world, its really difficult to not be enamoured with the place, whether art is your thing or not. Theres a huge range of exhibitions running at any one time, ranging from contemporary art to photography, or the classic Uffizi which displays Michelangelo's infamous sculptures and original sketches. 

Perhaps more exciting for us was the the less discovered narrow streets of Florence, a tuscan jungle of ubiquitous pizza and pasta restaurants juxtoposed with artisan shoe designers; we could think of no better way to get lost.... and fat. Restaurants in Florence range from double michelin starred right the way down to rustic stables - and all are worth it; at the end of the day as one Florentine explained, "In Firenze, if you can't make fresh pasta and pizza, your family will either disown you or kill you." To this extent, recommending individual restaurants would be a struggle, because they are all good. 

If you have a few days, we recommend hiring a car and exploring some of the vineyards that surround the city - our favourite was Il Borro, on the Ferragamo estate. The estate offers accommodation (with spa) and great food if you wish to drown yourselves in red wine and are unable to drive home, (recommended) !  

May, June and September seem to be the months to be there - hot but not too hot! See our pictures below! 

Photos and words by Andrew


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