City and Surf 2: A break from the cold

City and Surf 2: A break from the cold

City and Surf 2: A break from the cold

Ever get that feeling that winter just goes on for too long? Fear not, we have the perfect antidote; Fuerteventura. A short flight from London sits one of the Canaries less explored islands. Surrounded by blue water and perfect waves is Europe’s answer to Hawaii.

The best thing about Fuerteventura is its size - only 2 hours drive from top to bottom and 40 mins across it. The roads wind through dramatic volcanic scenery, with rarely another car in sight, it was as if we had touched down on the moon. We focussed our attention on the historic fishing town of El Cotillo. Largely undiscovered by the masses that tarnish the reputation of the Canaries, Cotillo makes for the perfect escape; surrounded by beaches and lagoons, yoga studios and surf schools, and most importantly seriously good seafood. The island is big on sustainability, particularly when it comes to the preservation of its fishing industry, so when eating out expect nothing less than fresh. The locals are incredibly friendly and always happy to point in the right direction.

For surfing, go to Star Surf camps. The surf in Fuerteventura can be pretty hairy and even if you’re an advanced surfer we suggest linking with Star surf for some spot guidance; it’s not the place to get it wrong. They offer surf instruction, yoga sessions and surf ‘emotion’ classes combining mindfulness and yoga. Being a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, there’s endless opportunities for waves and almost always somewhere pumping. We highly recommend organising a boat trip to Lobos; with its infamous right hand point break and crystal clear water, it’s borderline unbeatable.

If it’s just the sun you’re after the beaches around Cotillo are numerous and there’s always an opportunity to find a spot to yourself. It rarely drops below 20 degrees celsius - perfect for the permatan.  

In short, here’s everything you need to know:

Fly: Easyjet from Gatwick

Drive: Get a hire car from Cicar (seem to be the most understanding with off road damage)

Stay: El Cotillo | Star surf Camps (Offer yoga and surf instruction and generally the best guides locally)

Eat: La Vaca Azul, El Cotillo

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