City and Surf 6: Cooking on the beach

City and Surf 6: Cooking on the beach

Gone are the days of eating sand filled cheese and onion sandwiches made by grandma on the beach. Now grown up (a bit), it seemed only fair we take over the beach 'catering' and in doing so we have developed our own, slightly more gourmet style.

Our goal is to enjoy the atmosphere of an evening or day on the beach for as long as possible and so heres a few tips to maximise your beach dining experience. 

1) Prep: Prepare all food before you travel; marinate the chicken, chop the veggies, and leave only the flame cooking and plating up for the beach. 

2) Bring a table top: Get yourself some ply-board for a wooden table top, dig trench seats around it and if you're feeling really fancy, add a table cloth. Having a nice place to eat, place glasses, plates, salads, makes a huge difference. 

3) Bring only a grill: To cook, we recommend taking a grill shelf from the oven. Dig a decent hole and wet the sand walls to start a log based fire. Place the grill on rocks once the flames have died down. (TIP: hold your hand over the heat for 5 seconds, if you can last longer then its not hot enough to cook). Doing this enables you to reignite the flames for some marshmallow roasting after dinner!

4) Screw top beers. Do not be that guy that tries to take a bottle-top off on a cliff edge, smashing the bottle,  and ruining everyones evening with a trip to A & E. 

5) Take waste bags: Its easy to remove your footprint by preparing for waste. Pack a few bin liners and chuck the left overs in a lined back pack. Always leave the beach ready for the next person!  

Heres some snaps of our team on a recent excursion, 

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