A warmer winter...

A warmer winter...

It’s this time of year that we all start itching to book a trip and get back into our summer wetsuit… Fortunately I had the pleasure of a ‘mini break’ to join some buddies at Star Surf Camps in the Canaries. The Canary Islands are the perfect last minute destination for a winter surf break. The small group of Volcanic Islands could not be easier to travel to, with daily flights and board friendly airlines.

The boys at Star Surf have nailed it by taking over a quiet location in El Cotillo in the north west of Fuerteventura. The town itself is quintessentially Canary, scattered with superb local fish restaurants and traditional tapas. More importantly the Star team have developed excellent relationships with the local community and are sure to be able to get you in anywhere at short notice.

So… the surf. I left in minus 2 degrees at about 5am, and by 4pm Fuerte time, I was bouncing of some sharp Volcanic rock somewhere along the northern track… And I loved it. We arrived in to clean head high waves and warm water. No boots. No gloves. No hat. All just 3 hours from London. The waves were consistent all week and our guides from Star did a great job of putting us in the right spots at the right time, including one crazy day at Lobos, where the elements combined to give us that perfect right that we have all heard about! Whilst the northern track and Lobos provided us with some heavier reef breaks it must be said that there is plenty of mellow beach breaks on the east coast for beginners, and as always the Star surf Camp is on hand to get you there.

All in all I can highly recommend a winter break to the canaries; theres good food, good surf, great people and sunshine!



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