Tegans Travels

Tegans Travels

This year we have challenged our team to tell more of their stories... and as the best travelled member of the Jam family, Tegan is now responsible for telling us where to go and how to do it... at the young age of 18, below is her first ever blog post, from a recent trip to Rome, in a day!  

Rome in a day…  

In our family, we believe in travel. My parents travelled everywhere with their work when they were younger, and it’s fair to say they got the ‘bug’ for exploring. Now a little grown more grown up, they permanently have 3 of us in tow and are passing over the adventure button to us. Navigating the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ of the whole family can be challenging when exploring new countries - however the balance is essential and something I feel we have mastered, after many trips together. When it came to our 4 day break to Italy, we made sure we packed in as much as possible, ensuring all of us had a great time.  

Rome definitely was not built in a day, but its most doable in a day. ‘Speedy site seeing’ is essential with brothers / dads / boyfriends. After a big breakfast in a local cafe (they’re all good), we left our central air bnb in pursuit of the Colosseum. Be warned, booking a tour guide can be a bit of a farce (promises of queue jumps that don’t actually exist can be a holiday breaker), so after much time wasted in line we opted for a speedy external whip round. The building is simply breathtaking, and a must see for anyone in Rome. From here we made the short journey to the Trevi Fountain, which was so beautiful we will be talking about it for years!  

Squeezing in a quick trip to Zara, (don’t tell my bosses!) it was on to the Vatican. My parents have been to the area before and recommended taking it in from a roof top bar… it takes a few drinks (and a lot of complimentary snacks) to let the sheer architectural beauty sink in. Nearby St. Peters Basilica continued the theme of beautiful buildings but as night fell, we asked a local where to go for good pasta? He replied, “In Italy everyone makes good pasta… and if they don’t, their family will diss-own them.” Note to self: asking local Italians for a good pasta joint is pointless… they’re all good to us Brits!  Just like that, we were full of culture, and full of food… Rome was complete!



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