Our Story

Jam Industries is a city surf brand, set up by two brothers longing to get out of town and into our wetsuits. We understand that not everybody can live on the beach, but almost everybody wants to. Our aim is to provide a lifestyle clothing brand inspiring people to get out of the city and get wet at the coast. We hope to provide you with training ideas, restaurants, places to stay, music to listen to and the clothes to wear when you get there. We believe surfing is not just a sport, it’s a culture, and one which doesn’t have to be left behind when you leave the beach.

Meet the family

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    Lynne (Mum). As a mother of 5 mum is a pro at 'piecing it all together'. Always keeping the team in constant communication and most importantly making sure everybody gets fed!

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    Mark; the 'brains' behind the operation. Mark is basically in control of everything, the engine room behind Jam, inlcluding the ever important job of beer stock rotation!

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    Andrew, our own 'creative nightmare', prefers to be in the sea than behind his desk but always gets the job done. He will always be around to talk you through his latest design ideas and crazy plans for Jam Industries.

Where we started

We started Jam, a few years back when working at Lyndon Wake surf school in North Devon. We wanted to build a British beach brand that can travel in the same way its customers do.

We believe in making comfy and stylish clothes that work for both 'him' and 'her'. We want to keep people comfy between beaches and cities as we understand not everybody gets to live on the beach like we do. We hope that through jam you can purchase your own 'slice' of the coast and wear it wherever you may reside!