Conscious about Cashmere


Since our launch in 2013 our goal has remained unchanged; curating an ever-growing range of versatile and style lead clothing that travel from city to sea. As these collections continue to grow, what can often get lost, is an amalgamation of ‘stories’ which intertwine and combine before a garment lands in stores. Occasionally, I will make it my business to share these stories… 
Amongst other spring arrivals, we are very excited to introduce two of the latest additions to our cashmere family: the Pale Blue Cashmere Cardi and Pale Pink Cashmere Crop. Whether you have plans to spend the day with your feet in the sand, or a Sunday home with a good book; these knits suit any and every occasion acting as timeless wardrobe essentials. Made from a blend of cashmere and lambswool, our trans-seasonal cashmere collection has been designed to last you a lifetime. 
Known to be one of the softest fibres in the world, the production process of any cashmere wool is extremely labour intensive and requires a lot of time and effort. Given our family values, it was imperative we made a pledge to source our cashmere from an ecological and sustainable business that shared our belief in prioritising the welfare of the people and the planet. Since our first cashmere collection launched eighteen months ago, we’ve been working alongside a small family business to curate a line of high-quality cashmere products that account for the welfare of both the workforce and surrounding communities.
Founded in Nepal, Kathmandu - we work with a company of around 100 highly skilled women who manufacture high-quality knitwear and wraps. Comprising of mainly young women (who are usually the dominant income earners within their families), the company ensures their workforce are first-and-foremost well paid and operating in excellent conditions. By prioritising their staff welfare many of the team have stayed with the factory since it’s launch.
The yarn itself is selected, sourced and spun in Mongolia before making its way to Nepal where it is used to curate basic designs using hand operated machines - a highly labour intensive and skilled process. The garments are woven to shape, using pre-made design patterns before being dyed, and finished by hand. Striving to create a rich source of income within the community, resources such as packaging, transport and shipping services, are all sourced as locally as possible (reducing our mileage at the same time).
The factory have actively supported local charities, hospitals and schools; providing uniforms, building facilities such as toilets and supporting a fair education for the girls. Alongside the growth of their business, it is well within their company ethos to support and give back to their local community as much as possible. It’s within their community spirit that we felt we had found the perfect supplier for us to partner and grow with. 
We are incredibly privileged and proud to be working alongside such an amazing company who not only share our beliefs and family values, but also adopt a consciously fluid approach to sustainability. As ever, we are beyond delighted at how much you, our customers, are loving our ever-growing cashmere knitwear range, which continues to sell out! 
Until next time, Grace x