"As technologies evolve in our business, improving the sustainable capabilities of production, we will always strive to be early adopters of the cleanest solutions."

At JAM, we are constantly striving to improve our environmental impact, and as the parameters of sustainability are constantly shifting, we may not be perfect, but we make a conscious effort to do our best for the planet, and our people. Our stock is produced in limited numbers, which can occasionally lead to disappointment if you’re not quick enough, however we believe by operating a ‘no garment to landfill’ policy we ensure a zero waste business. We believe that our clothes are made to be lived in, meaning that style and quality are paramount; shop less, wear it more. As much as we want to grow our business, buying a new shirt for every night on the town is simply not fair on the planet. We prefer to offer fewer, but more versatile garments. 

JAM is first and foremost a family business. Where we can, we try to work with factories that operate our ‘family first’ ethos, ensuring every individual and supplier from source to store is looked after fairly, at every stage of our business. Our merino knitwear is produced in the North of England from a family business that rear and shear their own sheep, documenting the journey in a ‘lamb to jumper’ story. The same applies with our cotton knitwear and cashmere manufacturers; all independent businesses that look after their people (and animals)!We source solely from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factories meaning that our clothes come from reputable manufacturers with high standards of textile processing and workforce management. By using GOTS factories, we are consciously ensuring that every piece of clothing is made with quality and sustainability in mind. Generally speaking, when launching a new product, we look to work with factories as close to home as possible to reduce the mileage in our production process.

Our t-shirts and sweats are made using 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a naturally soft fibre making it extra comfortable to wear and durable to wash (30 degrees is perfect). It’s also free of harmful pesticides, supporting a positive environmental footprint and improving our impact on the planet.Where possible we avoid using ALL man made fibres, such as polyester. For some garments, such as outerwear, these fibres can actually contribute to improving the quality of a garment, and increasing it’s lifeline, thus reducing the need to over consume and over produce. Where we are required to use these fabrics, we will always look to using upcycled and recycled fabrics, to ensure we are do not add to the global poly population. Our merino knitwear products are made from 100% merino wool and knitted in Manchester, limiting the mileage and consequently reducing our carbon footprint.