For those of you who haven’t heard of the Wave Project; it’s a mental health charity that delivers surf therapy interventions for vulnerable young people around the UK. Starting in 2010 in Cornwall - The Wave Project were pioneers in using surfing as a tool for therapy. 6 week therapy courses are offered  to young people facing a variety of challenges with a focus on reducing anxiety and building confidence. 

We all feel very lucky at Jam to receive our daily doses of vitamin sea, the ocean keeps us going, inspires us and supports us in our quest to build a bigger and better brand, but now we want to go further by becoming a part of a project that is delivering these benefits to an audience who might not normally have access to it. We truly believe in everything the Wave Project is doing and we are going to raise as much money as possible to help them deliver it. 

While we hope to volunteer our time again, we recognise how important funding is to actually run this program across so many locations and is essential as they extend to new locations and reach more young people. We have given ourselves a target of £10,000 for the year. This will make a massive impact on the incredible people that dedicate their lives to changing young people's lives for the better. We hope with your help, we will smash this target and raise even more! We will be running a host of events/initiatives where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Wave Project so keep your eyes peeled and get involved, and be prepared for us to shout about this charity non-stop for the next 12 months.