Sizing Guide

Being a unisex brand we feel that its really up to you as to how you want the clothes to fit, some people like it oversized and others fitted; heres a rough guideline to help you on your way when choosing a product. 

Sweatshirts / T-shirts / Coats & Jackets

S  /  HIS 38" (100cm) HERS 8/10

M  /  HIS 42" (106cm) HERS 10/12

L  /  HIS 44" (112cm) HERS 12/14

XL  /  HIS 46" (116cm) HERS 14 

When buying our knitwear we suggest you order a size smaller than you would in the sweatshirts and t-shirts, i.e. if you buy a large sweatshirt, buy a medium knit!  

If in doubt do not hesitate to ask us via