"bridging the gaps between city & Surf Style"

About us

JAM Industries is first and foremost a family before it is a brand; we pride ourselves on building relationships and liaising with loyal customers all over the world, no bridge is too high or too long. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve strived to create a lifestyle clothing brand, which moves seamlessly from cities to coastlines and back again. Our concept has and always will be to design the clothes we wear the most; all our styles are made to be lived in, and designed to be shared from one generation to the next.

Jam Industries is a British lifestyle and clothing brand designed to bridge the gaps between city and coastal style. 

We are two brothers Andrew and Mark - comprising the ‘A’ and ‘M’ in ‘JAM' with our surname Jordan, the ‘J’. It’s fitting because family is at the heart of everything we do. Our Mum (the original beach bum) not only inspired our journey but was the first person to join our team, and will always be an integral part of our lives and our business. We live for the days that bring us together, floating from the city to the surf and back again. Family days at the beach and time-off with friends inspire our memory led collections, and our store locations. If its not fun we simply won’t do it!

When we started in 2013, we just wanted to make comfy clothes we could pack into a weekend bag. Our goal was to deliver the perfect 'apres surf' wardrobe, designed to move effortlessly from a long day on the beach to a vibrant bar at night… anywhere. As our brand has slowly grown we have developed a deeper passion for our garments; delivering luxury, sustainable products, at affordable prices. We believe in fair pricing, and as such, you will never see garments on sale in a Jam store, because our price point is always the best we can affordably achieve. 

We now have six stores marking some of our favourite spots from London to the places we are lucky enough to call home along the South West coastline! We hope you find them places not only to shop but also to connect with us and to share in what we love doing and when we are doing it.   

We strive to create comfortable yet stylish clothes that work for both ‘him’ and ‘her’. The transferable and unisex nature of our clothes means there are no restrictions on who, where, and when to wear our garments. Our family welcomes everyone. We hope that through us you can purchase your own ‘slice’ of the coast and wear it wherever you are, and whenever you want! As a large and cotinuously growing family, we believe our clothes should be shared, loved, and built to survive a multitude of life's most memorable moments.