Out of Focus | Easy Listening

Is it weird that as the most social period of festivities approaches, we find ourselves retreating to isolation? Maybe it’s the terrors of world news, the calm before the storm, or maybe we are just dangerously anti-social. Either way, we’re hiding this weekend (and probably next) and enjoying some rest days, before the silly season kicks off.
In an effort to embrace the outside world a bit, we thought we would offer you all this playlist, which hopefully you can enjoy as you retreat too. Whether it’s a long drive, a long bath or a long day in the kitchen, these are the tracks we are hibernating to. 
It may come as a surprise, but we’ve been pairing our wardrobe to our music for years now too, with the songs we’re listening to playing a pivotal role in the outfits we are creating. This Autumn, you’ll notice some ‘ranch’ themes creeping into our collection, and you’ll probably pick up on some of the country tunes we’ve been listening to in our playlist. If you’re not able to visit us in stores, we feel this collection of songs will really complete your experience of our brand, and more specifically our ‘vibe’ this winter. 
As with all our collections, we always try to avoid doing ‘too much’ or ‘too little’, maintaining themes of effortlessness and trans-purpose. Don’t expect a foot-stomping rendition of “Wagon Wheel” but rather a stripped-back Springsteen, or a hint of reggae and soul. We hope you’ll enjoy this ‘blend’ in our music as much as we do. We hope it’s both calming and invigorating at the same time, and we really hope you find the song to match your new jumper. 
If you haven’t made plans for your weekend yet, make none. Enjoy. 
Click here to listen and switch off.