Out of Focus | Meagan Jones

Born and raised in Jersey before crossing the water and moving to West Cornwall, alongside managing our store in St Ives, Meagan is a yoga instructor and trained masseuse with a love and passion for the ocean. We caught up with Meag to learn more about where her yoga journey began, how it evolved and how she uses the practice to ground and empower herself and others. 

 Where did your passion for yoga begin and how did that evolve to where you are today?

During my first practice, otherwise known as ‘Asana’, we had to imagine ourselves on a beach, feeling the heat on our skin and ocean lapping on our toes. I remember feeling the benefits of the meditation physically, appreciating the incredible power that our minds have and how the discipline of yoga enables it. With this, I went onto train for my ashtanga 200hr teacher training before travelling distant corners of the globe where I visited Ashrams in India, completed 100hr of Yin yoga teacher training and explored adding sound healing into my practices. 
You have taught yoga for years, helping others understand the practice and how it helps them. On a more personal level, how was yoga changed you as a person?
One of the wonders of yoga is that you’ll never finish learning. It is constantly changing and shaping me and my practice ebbs and flows both physically and mentally. With the complexities that life throws at me, I sometimes find it harder to committing to daily practice, often when I need it most. But, I know it’s always there, and that little space to roll my mat out is always there. It reminds and empowers me that I am only human. 
Yoga has so many different elements to it… is there a particular form you enjoy most and why?
I love that yoga can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. It doesn’t always need to be within a picturesque studio but can be in the middle of a stressful day on the bus home. Just by focusing on your breathing, setting daily intentions or a random act of kindness (known as ahimsa). It doesn’t need to be a physical practice. Just by pausing for a moment and remembering to feel present is all you need.
You’ve practiced yoga for over 20 years… what do you see the next five years holding?
I hope to continue being a practitioner, student and teacher of yoga for the rest of my life. But, I also think that respecting the need to pause and refresh is equally as important. I plan to continue learning and teaching in a way that is authentic to me and the origins of yoga whilst seeking out courses and training when I feel called to them. Being able to make connections with people whilst providing a relaxing and safe space is something I enjoy most and I am just excited to continue. 
Meag is offering early morning yoga classes in  our St Ives JAM store.
For more information, please email meagan@jam-industries.co.uk