Out of Focus | Megan Hemsworth

Born and raised in Oxfordshire before planting her roots along the North Coast of Cornwall, Megan Hemsworth is a surf and lifestyle photographer working in both analog and digital. Her work focuses on celebrating the female surf community whilst also documenting the sheer power of the ocean found in her seascapes. We’ve had the pleasure of catching up with Megan where we were able to hear all about where her love for photography began and how her experience has encouraged her to use the power of photography to empower the female surf community. 

Where did your passion for photography begin and how did that influence where you are today?

It definitely began at school when it came to picking it as one of my A levels. To be completely honest, I had no real previous experience with photography. But, being a creative person already, it felt right. After time, I discovered that nothing has ever made me feel more creatively free than photography does. I just fell in love with it. At university, I was reluctant to work on studio-based projects and instead, always tried to find a way I could bring it outside. And, that is when I began focusing on surf lifestyle and water-side projects, and the ball started rolling instantly!

A lot of your work is focused on empowering the female surf community…  where do you usually draw inspiration from?

When I was growing up, brands such as Billabong and Roxy were the only ones to present Women surfers through physical photography. There was no TikTok or Instagram or any other platform around to represent females the way it does today. So, I poured over all these posters and magazines and shop window displays, analysing them and using them as inspiration. And, that certainly lead me to my field of work today, empowering the female surf community in a way that wasn’t always possible. 

What do you love most about what you do?

And, as a freelance photographer, you spend a lot of time on your own. You edit alone, you complete the jobs alone. But, in the surf world, I feel part of this huge welcoming community. And, I have the privilege and power to be able to tell the stories of those people and giving Women that bigger platform and make sure they’re seen. That is what I love most. 

You already have such an extensive portfolio… what do you see the next five years holding?

I think I’d like to get to a place where I am able to give more time and energy to my prints. The ability to be in the sea shooting all the time is exciting, but, also knowing that someone has got a photograph that I took in their house that they look at every single day, whether it be big or small, is an indescribable feeling and one I want to feel more and more.

 You can find some of Megans prints in our Padstow shop. And, you can also see and support her amazing work over on her website and Instagram page.