People: Louise Buttler



This week we caught up with the dreamboat that is Louise Buttler, aka LB Pilates. Somehow you feel leaner, longer and stronger even after a five minute conversation with her. 

Andrew links me with her en route to the airport with fairly little to go on beyond the fact that she’s super passionate about pilates, pretty damn inspiring and is coming to do a class at Jam in the Kings Road store in London next month (more on that later). What Andrew should have done, was prep me for a full blown girl crush - at least I would have given myself a bit more time to prepare. As it went, we jumped on a phone call within seconds of messaging and the interview was over before I could catch breath. 

Louise runs a boutique pilates studio in Clapham. The pandemic posed some significant challenges to her practise but Louise only talks about the positives. For one thing, it has made her a better teacher. Moving her classes online and not being able to adjust someone’s posture means she has has to articulate alignment with a whole new level of clarity and specificity. With this, Louise started streaming live classes on IGTV. She became such a sensation that she built an online platform for her thousands of subscribers. It is open to anyone of any ability, with hundreds of videos that she has carefully structured into various calendars to suit all levels.

She tells me about the range of people that she reaches, from athletes, to ballet dancers, to women in all their trimesters of pregnancy and post pregnancy, to the elderly. It is very rare to talk to someone that is so committed to being there for people in a meaningful way that promotes their wellbeing both physically and mentally. This is far more than a job for Louise - she is dedicated to changing peoples lives for the better. And what better way than fancy dress Fridays?! (Spending too long on her instagram - @LBpilates.ldn  if you fancy a browse!)


Here's the exciting part: in roughly 1 months time, Louise will be teaching a 'Pilates in Pairs' class in our London store! Louise is roping in her husband Jos to help guide the class, who is better known for his cricketing stardom than pilates, but I have no doubt Louise will have him in LB shape on the day! The event will take place on Wednesday the 21st of July and is all in aid of a charity close to both Jam and Louise; MIND. The class will be lifted with upbeat music and a few "after-burn" drinks. And for those who can’t make it to London, we’re planning to live stream the entire event so you can join us from home!  

It’s going to come quick! I finally got off Louise’s social media, subscribed to LB Pilates and enrolled onto the bride body challenge. I’m not getting married but meeting her in person seems like a big day to me. Flat abs, elegant arms and peachy butt: here I come. Louise is a super human navigating building a business, raising her 2 year old, and carrying baby number two (due in September). Despite the weight on her shoulders (or in her tum) she seems to sail through it all smiling and we feel very lucky to have her for just one night! 

More details released in the next couple of weeks but for now, get yourself a partner (hubby, mate or hot date?!) for the 21st July and we’ll see you on the mat