The Deia Collection

We are so excited to have launched The Deia Collection, our first two-piece for women designed for hazy lazy summer days. Think light, airy, relaxed and ever so chic. Think Island life in the med; the Balearic Islands, warm heady sunshine and a soft ocean breeze. Think tranquility, blue water and white sand.

In our minds, there is nothing more luxurious that slipping into loose clothes that hang freely on you. An outfit you don’t have to think twice about at the beginning of the day; The Deia collection is for strolling the shoreline, for slipping off for a quick swim, or for sauntering somewhere al-fresco for a long lunch . Swap sandals for a pair of heels and you have an effortless look for the evening. 

The twin set has been a full design team effort combining Andrews vision, Izzy's sketches and Lynne's functionality desires; everyone has had their say! Last summer Izzy was the first to pair our lobster & crab shirt with the matching beach shorts, and well, she rocked it, and this year we've run with it. Going for a cotton - linen blend means it’s super soft on the skin and and easy to care for. (Izzy loves this since she’s in and out of the ocean all day long). She had free reign on these garments at the sketching stage and they are Izzy all over. The shirt is cropped, boxy and studded with beautiful wooden buttons, including two up the back of the shirt (a signature Jam feature). Wear them open over the shorts and chucked on over a bikini. The shorts are made for lounging; High waisted with a draw string (in case you eat too much at lunch), big pockets, with an expanding leg hem, designed to flatter all humps and bumps! Inspired by Balearic time, lazy is our mantra.  


The Deia Collection is named after the sleepy village nestled along the finest stretch of coast in Mallorca - set beneath the Tramuntana mountains and at the edge of the Mediterranean ocean. Andrew’s memories there are happy ones, spent with Al and her family in a beautiful villa nestled privately in the hills. The last visit being September 2019: a throw back to a time when travel was straightforward and leisurely days in warmer climates were easy, a place they look forward to returning too, rumour has it even for their wedding?! Andrew laughs recalling how they spent 6 hours over a long lunch with wine and conversation only to discover at the end that it was cash only and they were all cashless! Deia is a place to leave your cares and credit cards behind, and get lost in the sheer beauty of nowness. 

 For so many of us, it’s the hot happy memories of vacations, travelling with the people we love that has kept us going through the challenging days of lock downs. As we start to make travel plans again we wanted to create a collection that celebrates freedom and fun. The new essentials! The Deia Collection. Shop now and you'll be primed for the heat wave that's due any day now (fingers and toes are crossed). 

Buy the set, pair classic white with white, navy with navy, or mix and match! 

See you by the water. I'm having lobster and a rose.