The importance of dreaming...

Photo: A very cold trip to Ireland, with our first beanie! (Jan 2014) 

Dear Everyone, 

A little bit about us... 

Mark and I have always been inseparable, we went to school together, we went to university together, we partied together, we holidayed together, and we dreamt together. We shared a dream of building a brand; a brand which bridges the gaps between city and surf, a brand that’s about family, a brand driven by a healthy lifestyle and a brand that’s timeless. We are also polar opposites; generally speaking when I’m thinking left, he’s thinking right, when I’m distracted, he is focussed, and when I’m on the moon, he is in the room. We epitomise dialectic: two conflicting brains with a shared destination. And that’s all that matters. The destination. The brand.

We haven’t actually reached the destination yet. It’s a very hilly journey to say the least; a journey that changes daily, a roller coaster that moves in ways out of our control, and sometimes we just have to hold on for dear life, and hold on to each other so nobody falls off. Today we have 3 stores; Salcombe, Padstow and Dartmouth, and this winter we embark on another London adventure, with a pop-up store now open on the Kings Road. We have an amazing team working full time in the South west, and we hope to grow this team over the next 12 months, expanding on what we call “The Jamily”. We’ve achieved a fair amount so far... but as I said before, we’re still a long way from our destination; a horizon we will no doubt push further whenever it gets closer.

For now, it feels like we are on a fairly straight section of the rollercoaster, so before we hit the next loop the loop we’ve decided to reflect on what we we’ve done so far. We want to share our journey with you. Our hope is that by sharing we can shed light on some hidden realities about us as a family, about why we do what we do now, and how we got here. We hope that with this blog we might inspire people to jump on their own rollercoasters, and start working towards their dreams. Dreams are simply future destinations of reality, so its important (in our opinion) to fast forward to that place, and then 'moonwalk' back to the present. If you know roughly where you want to get to, the chances are you’ll get there... or somewhere similar. Our journey is constantly changing, and that’s great, as we add new people, we gain new ideas, new adventures, and new destinations. We hope our adventure continues long into the future, so we have decided to tell the story from the start...   Just so we don’t forget! Please pause, and enjoy some of our journey, because we do, and if we don’t, we change direction. 

No dream... no Jam. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, alternatively, hold out until next weeks post, Starting up: the barefoot days...