In Focus: Our adult comfort blanket.

In Focus: Our Adult Comfort Blanket
Spring is approaching, the daffodils have started to bloom and FINALLY the days are getting longer. The harsh winter nights are behind us and after work surfs upon us.. (if you sneak out early).
As we increase our activity load and embrace the seasons change, we once again find ourselves reaching for the same 'after work' jumper. A style and shape that we have never felt the need to change. The 'Apres' Guernsey returns this spring, just in time to complement your slope style, or should we stay 'slow style'. 
Made using 100% organic cotton, our favourite navy jumper is truly made to be lived in. The square cut hem line and dropped shoulder sleeve stitch allow for one jumper to be shared effortlessly between multiple wardrobes. The Guernsey style can arguably be labelled the original 'genderless' garment, as it has been shared by all sexes for centuries. Nothing speaks more truly of slow style than a garment shape that has lasted several hundred years.
The Guernsey epitomises the term 'contemporary classic'; a jumper that has truly stood the test of time. The original design dates back to the 17th century and is irrevocably intertwined with the maritime history of its namesake, the Channel Island, Guernsey. Traditionally made using a waxed lambswool, they were worn as workwear by fishermen to aid in harsh ocean weather conditions. 
Our use-purpose has of-course evolved somewhat overtime. As technical performance fabrics worked their way into maritime workplaces, the Guernseys drifted out of them. We have been delighted to evolve its 'place' in the wardrobe as one of absolute comfort and ease. Whilst we have kept some of the traditional knitting features of the wool guernsey, replacing the coarser fabrics with softer cottons has given the jumper a new life. A softer, lighter garment prevails... 
The blend of both classic and contemporary features in the jumper are also why we live in them. Speaking personally, it truly is my go to. Especially on those look in the mirror, try on a million outfits, leave a huge pile on the floor, kind of days... That time of the month, when NOTHING feels quite right (ladies - you know). Just when I’m about to call in sick, all hope is lost and I’ve condemned myself to never leave the house again I remember my trusty Guernsey, I slide it on and truth be told I feel goooood, self confidence restores, and I am finally feeling myself again. The Guernsey is my comfort blanket, for ‘those’ days. 
While everyone is chasing the latest mindfulness activity or adaptogenic coffee blend to make you feel better, (we are also doing this by the way) our fast fix is the Guernsey. It gives me the same consistency and comfort of a morning meditation practice.  
Whether you are planning to sail the high seas, hit the slopes or just needing that perfect 'end of day' jumper, the Guernsey has you covered... whatever your pronoun. 
Meagan Sydney