In Focus - Terry Towelling shirts

In focus - Terry Towelling
The Terry, the OG vacation shirt. Designed with a fabric that is typically used for towelling, this quick dry, lightweight and crease free travel essential is having a comeback. The summer euro holiday season has begun and suddenly the JAM team seem to be conveniently heading off to all corners of the continent for city breaks and tan top-up weekends. The Terry shirts are the go to for packing lists, offering multiple looks in one shirt. Smart enough to dress up for dinner, and cool enough to sit on a sun-lounger.
Popularised by the dashing Jude Law who is seen wearing one in the Talented Mr Ripley, it’s no wonder that these 19050’s must haves are making a comeback this summer. Netflix have relaunched the 1999 classic from Anthony Minghella with their new show ‘Ripley’ just in time for our high summer collection. 
The Terry cotton fabric is stylish, comfy, breathable… the list is endless. If you're buying for him then you're really buying for you too, as they style effortlessly over a bikini and out Byron linen trousers. 
With two colours and styles to choose from, this season we are spoilt for choice. Whether it's a duck egg, buttonless polo shirt or the timeless navy shirt with buttons. 
Whether you go for the navy button style, the duck egg or both, you'll be glad that you have these summer staples in your wardrobe this season. I’ve just bought one for my boyfriend to take on holiday next week.. so that I can wear it by the pool.