In focus: The cashmere Tank

If spring eventually arrives then we'll enter into that awkward limbo phase between heavy knitwear and lighter layers, it's always a dilemma whether to bring your coat or not. Insert the ultimate mid-layer; the cashmere tank. Endlessly and effortlessly styled, the tanks are the most versatile garments in our collection, so it just made sense for me to do a review of them.
As you may know by now, we believe in a layered wardrobe, and our cashmere vests are the epitome of everyday layering. Dressed up with a shirt or kept casual with a t-shirt, it instantly adds an elegance to your daily outfit, not to mention an element of practicality. Whilst typically the vest is worn as a mid-layer, the cashmere-lambswool blend is so soft that many of us working at Jam have taken to wearing them on their own.
Personally, I never run out of ways or days to wear this jumper… I've dressed it up with satin skirts and cowboy boots, dressed it down over baggy t-shirts and jeans and it is my go to for important events or meetings over a crisp white shirt. I must confess I already own four and the collection doesn’t seem to be slowing down in my wardrobe. 
We are proud to produce year round wardrobes that can change with your mood and whatever ‘get up’ you are feeling that day. Our cashmere vests are certainly transeasonal and an effortless item to keep in your wardrobe. If you are aiming for the ultimate capsule wardrobe, the Pinterest aesthetic, open air, colour coordinated collection, then the cashmere vest is a must. It can help resurrect old looks from your wardrobe and creates a slow style to your life that will stay with you for a long time to come.
I never imagined myself finding enough words to write an entire blog on these tops, but I honestly love them so much I think it’s justified…. If you’ve not tried one yet, now might be the time, and if you’ve already got one, you’ll know it’s worth adding a new colour… Happy shopping :) Meagan