One Happy Pig


A few weeks ago my overly generous wife treated me to a staycation in a little cabin on the North Cornish coastline. This wasn’t however the usual ‘glamping’ experience one would expect, but the Pig Hotel at Harlyn bay. It was also not the first time we have stayed there... and I am delighted to say, nothing has changed.
There’s often a fear of staying at boutique hotels that are either ‘brand new’ or ‘getting tired’. The Pig at Harlyn has surpassed its honeymoon phase and 3 years after opening it could well be dangerously close to entering the deterioration phase, however it was anything but. I would actually go as far as saying it’s got even better...
Upon arrival we unloaded our overly-loaded luggage into the handy trolley at reception. The check-in process took all of 30 seconds before we were swiftly led to our ‘Garden Wagon’. The garden wagons are delicately positioned across the property, each with their own recliner chairs and outside lounge area. From the moment we got inside a mental state of airplane mode was activated. Everything about the aesthetic promoted a sense of calm. There was a log burner, with a pre-prepared fire at the foot of our bed. You know you’re doing ‘bouji’ rustic when they prepare the fire for you, but give you the satisfaction of lighting it yourself.
Despite being warned by the hotel to pack light, we found that the cabin had more than enough storage. So after a swift unpacking, we explored our wagon and discovered the ‘little’ cabin was not so little after all. With a sofa, a gigantic bath tub for two, a walk in shower, and a fridge packed with goodies, we had no reason to leave. Luckily, the weather was crap. Allow my oxymoron some explanation; I say luckily, because had it been sunny we wouldn’t have indulged in our little hut as much as it deserved. It didn’t take me long to discover the ‘icing on the cake’, a gigantic outside rain shower. I have never been so happy to stand butt naked in the cold wet weather. I don’t know how they do it at this hotel, but anyone who has stayed will concur, the water pressure is the best I have ever experienced, anywhere on the planet. It’s like standing beneath a hot waterfall.
We showered, bathed, then dozed with the fire lit and the cabin door ajar, cosy in our abyss of off-gridness... Until I turned on the TV to watch the 6 Nations. The beautiful thing about the Pig is they provide you with all the tools to help you switch off, but when you want to switch back on again, it’s all there at the touch of a button.
Following an easily forgettable England rugby performance we headed back to the main house for dinner. The staff were attentive and every detail was thought of in order for everything to run effortlessly. The table, the fireplace by the bar and the other fireplace. Our journey transitioned us from one candle lit space to the next, guided by one smiling member of staff to another. And then there is the food... Sourced from local farms within a 25 mile radius of the hotel, or mostly the garden, everything was perfect. By the end of the day I felt, metaphorically speaking, like I had been wrapped in a gigantic White Company duvet and levitated through a garden of clouds. For the first time in my entire British life, I had forgotten to complain about the weather.
The next day we got up early and headed down to the beach at Harlyn for a quick cold swim... (if you’re more organised than us you can book yourself a Sauna on the Beach to warm up!). We returned to the hotel to stand in our hot waterfall, before repeating the entire day all over again.
In summary all I can say is if you’re in need of a little R&R don’t hesitate to book The Pig. Come rain or shine, it will provide you with the warmth, the nature, and the friendliness needed to to restore your soul!
PS. If you don’t know what to pack, our Padstow store is 5 minutes down the road, and we will be happy to help you plan your outfit.