Out of Focus: Disappearing into Bluebell

Out of Focus: Disappearing into Bluebell
If you have ever had the satisfaction of popping a balloon you will understand what I am about to say next. The feeling of stress and anticipation as the pin approaches the surface, all senses are elevated to the maximum, and then pop. Relief. A small dose of serotonin rushes through the body and calm prevails. Instantly we become satisfied… 
Well this is exactly the chemical impact on my brain upon arriving at Bluebell farm… Within minutes of unloading the car all of the daily stresses, anxieties and pressures I was carrying had evaporated and my body felt like it was experiencing some sort of rebirth. I have never been so instantly affected by a holiday property in my life. And no, I was not eating mushrooms. 
The sounds of nature surrounding the house at Bluebell farm have to be the closest to fictional fantasy I have ever experienced. We instantly opened all the doors and windows and went our separate ways. The house has been designed using a perfect blend of the old and the new, in the good kind of way. For a start, it feels like the owners of the property designed all of the rooms to be lived in, this is not just another air BnB with one photogenic space and then bathrooms built into cupboards; every room is thought about. The bathtubs all face a window for a start. It felt like a good hour or so before our group were ready to reconvene, an hour of effortless bliss, each in our separate spots, tucked away and absorbed into the surroundings. Retox. 
If and when you finally feel the need to talk to each other, Bluebell farm is built for sharing, with multiple sitting rooms, a music room, a dining room, open plan kitchen and then of course there’s my favourite spot; the studio. Located in an adjacent field, the studio offers a space to just exist as you wish, whether its painting, writing, reading or making music, the space feels like it’s built to let your mind wonder. We lit the fire pit and put the world to right, before returning to the main house for dinner. 
Speaking of dinner, another of Bluebells most distinguished features is the endless amount of glasses and crockery. I know this is a major first world problem, but there’s nothing worse than arriving at your self catering holiday and having to drink wine from a water glass, or martinis from a mug. Name your drink and there’s a glass for it! Hosting was made a little too easy for our team, who also happened to stumble across the generously laid out cocktail bar!  
After a night of wilderness creativity and free flowing cocktails, you might just need a salt water dunk in the morning. Fortunately the house is within 15 minutes of all of the south hams favourite beaches; South Milton Sands being the closest. After a long day of sun and sand, there really is no better place to retreat to back to, and do it all again. 
After only a short stay here, I can safely say my ‘browser’ was successfully updated, my mind detoxed and raring to go again. Exactly what a staycation is for! 
Whether it’s a strategy off-site for your team, or a much needed family switch off, Bluebell farm really is like no other… we will be racing you to re-book it, and you can do so through Sand and Stone escapes, our new go to for self-catering staycations!