Out of Focus | The Sandy Duck Hotel

Located within the beautiful Cornish maritime town of Falmouth, boutique hotel, The Sandy Duck, offers an idyllic and elegant getaway for those seeking a slice of West Country. We caught up with Freyja and the team to give us a an insight into the boutique hotel industry and the story behind The Sandy Duck…


When did The Sandy Duck start and what inspired you and the creation of the hotel throughout the process?
The Sandy Duck was a work in progress from 2016. There was no plan other than to create a calm cosy space to welcome people where they felt at home and relaxed. It was an absolute game changer during covid in regards to having a space where we could really think about how people travel, creating a welcoming space and what we can offer to make their stay extra special. 


What elements do you love most about owning a hotel?

The people! There is no doubt working in close contact with people both staff and guests offers it’s own challenges but they are what make it interesting and exciting. There is nothing better than having a guest return for the 4th or 5th time sometimes in the same year and when they do they remember us by name. There is something about that that reinforces that we have something special going on. 


Why did you choose to base the hotel in Falmouth? And, what do you love most about Falmouth itself?

We wanted somewhere which had a year-round vibe that reflected the idea of what we were trying to create. Falmouth is made up predominantly of lovely independent shops, restaurants, and hotels and we felt we could fit well into that community and offer our own unique part to it.


How does The Sandy Duck differ from all other boutique hotels?

The Sandy Duck is what it has become through the love which is put into it by the people who work here. I think maintaining a solid and happy workforce has created an energy that our guests love and return to. We are not trying to be anyone else but offer the best of what we can offer to our guests without heavily comparing ourselves to others!


What was a dated Victorian house is now a blissful haven with an outstanding passion for interior design, attention to detail, and sea views, The Sandy Duck is for all those craving an idyllic getaway that comes with a generous slice of the coast!